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Grim new analyses spotlight just how hard US is failing in pandemic

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The United States was in the “high mortality” category from the start, with 60 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 since the beginning of the pandemic in February. This puts the US in line with Italy (59), the United Kingdom (63), Spain (65), and Belgium (86). However, as the time periods shifted later into the pandemic, those rates dropped substantially for the countries—except the US. Italy’s death rate dropped to 9 and 3 since May and June, respectively. The United Kingdom’s rate fell to 16 and then 5. Belgium’s went down to 12 and then 4.

Ars Technica

But, the United States’ death rate, meanwhile, stayed high at 37 since May and 27 since June. The only other country that comes close to rivaling the US in its meager progress is Sweden, which saw death rates of 57, 23.5, and 10 in the three windows.

“After the first peak in early spring, US death rates from COVID-19 and from all causes remained higher than even countries with high COVID-19 mortality,” Bilinski and Emanuel conclude. “This may have been a result of several factors, including weak public health infrastructure and a decentralized, inconsistent US response to the pandemic.”

Heavy toll

In another article in the JAMA series, researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University and Yale focused on the United States alone. They compared the expected number of deaths in the US to the actual number between March and August, finding more than 225,000 extra deaths—a 20-percent jump. And only 67 percent of those extra deaths were directly linked to COVID-19 on death certificates. The rest may have been misclassified or been due to disruptions in health care during the pandemic or other pandemic-related problems.

If the pandemic continues in the US as it has, the researchers’ estimate suggests that there may be more than 400,000 excess US deaths for the whole of 2020. The significance of this estimate “cannot be overstated,” write Howard Bauchner, editor-in-chief of JAMA, and Phil Fontanarosa, JAMA’s executive editor, in an accompanying editorial. The toll “accounts for what could be declines in some causes of death, like motor vehicle crashes, but increases in others, like myocardial infarction.”

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